All about Vitamin D deficiency
All About Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D commonly known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” is an essential nutrient requirement for human wellbeing. Vitamin D deficiency is very common in India and it can be present in any age group from kids to old age people. Medical science has proven that there are a very few foods that actually have got the therapeutic levels of Vitamin D naturally and that fortified foods even, don’t contain the daily requirement of vitamin D to support your nutritional needs.

Vitamins are the only nutrients that aren’t produced inside of our body and primarily it has to be fulfilled by sun exposure, not by your diet. It may be called as a Vitamin but actually it’s a steroid hormone that can only be obtained by sunlight. But with the advent of modern scientific researches and studies doctors and medical professionals found out that Vitamin D deficiency can be life threatening and that’s when vitamins and supplements rich in Vitamin D were made available in the market inexpensive & easily accessible. Bit how will you determine that something is wrong with you and your symptoms are that of Vitamin D Deficiency?

Here are 6 reasons you might be Vitamin D Deficient

Actually only a blood test prescribed by your doctor can determine the deficiency but how will you ever know when to go to the doctor and with what? Here are some simply recognizable symptoms that will push you to go see a doctor –

The “Blue” Feeling

There exists a hormone inside of our brain called Serotonin which regulates mood swings, over reaction towards exposure to bright light and that reaction slows down as soon as the sun goes down. A study was conducted on people of age above 50 to evaluate the effects of vitamin D deficiency on mental health and found that those with lowest levels of Vitamin D were 12 times more prone to be suffering from various mental issues like depression.

The Age Factor

As the age increases (mostly above the age of 50) your skin doesn’t make much of vitamin D even after maximum sun exposure. Along with this your kidneys too get old and slow down in converting vitamin D into the form required by your body. Mostly adults spend their time indoors and thus are deprived of the sunshine vitamin.

Obesity is a curse

Vitamin D is a hormone like vitamin which is fat soluble. Our body fat acts as a drain to the vitamin D which gets dissolved in the body fat and eventually gets drained out of our body. So if the fat in your body is on a higher side and you are overweight, you require more vitamin D than a slim person.

The pain in the Bone

Various studies and doctors suggest that if you are complaining of ache and acute pain in combination with fatigue then you might be suffering from fibromyalgia commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome which is caused by vitamin D deficiency as a result of which you feel throbbing bone pain.

Sweaty Head

The very first symptom of vitamin D deficiency is a sweating head. Doctors ask this question to new mommies that if their baby’s head is too sweaty, to determine if there exists a possibility of vitamin D deficiency in the newborn. Excessively sweating head of newborns due to neuromuscular inability determines as an early symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency.

Irregular Bowel Issues

We discussed this earlier that Vitamin D is fat soluble, now if you have some gastrointestinal problems that affects the absorption of fat in your body, you might also have a very low absorption rate for vitamin D. This includes irregular & inflammatory bowel syndrome, celiac gluten sensitivity, Chron’s and more.

Vitamins & Supplements can come to your rescue. See your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms, get your vitamin D levels checked and if found deficient your doctor will prescribe you supplements with a dosage that can provide you the daily required amount of Vitamin D. You can buy vitamin D supplements online from at the best discounts available online.

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