HAIR REMOVAL BUYING GUIDE: Pick the One That’s Right

Being a woman is no easy feat!  There are slew of sacrifices sometimes small sometimes big, that they have to confront in their daily lives (and that are quite painful too). Well here we are not talking about the big sacrifices but the little ones; that they have to make to look gorgeous.

Undoubtedly, Women are blessed with supple and smooth skin which oozes out charm and is really sensitive and demands some special care. So, you need to be extra cautious while you de-fuzz your skin. Here we have some of the best methods to remove the old standbys or take it as your smart and safe hair removal buying guide to get you summer ready. Go on.

  • Hair Removal Lotions, Creams and Gels:


Lotions, Creams and Gels; they are easy to use and pain-free products that are relatively inexpensive. Choose a hair removal product formulated with natural ingredients like sandal, honey, saffron, rose etc. These are the natural soothing ingredients which prevents skin irritation and also hampers skin darkening thereby giving you a smooth skin with much less irritation.

Tips to consider:   Follow the time suggested instructions before applying the cream/gel and apply only on the areas as indicated on the package details. Better if you follow test and trial approach by applying it on the small patch of your skin and ensure if it does not have any skin reaction.

  • Waxing:


Waxing an age-old method of removing hair; is a smoother, long-lasting approach to pull-out the hair follicles from the roots. It entails applying of warm sticky viscous fluid i.e. wax over the skin with unwanted hair, which is then stripped in a single fast motion. Many women find waxing a painful approach; since the hair are de-fuzzed from the roots. This method also aids in removing dead skin cells that covers the skin due to pollution, sunlight and other causes.

Take Care: Do not overheat the wax, as it may burn your skin. And avoid re-waxing the same area repeatedly.

  • Shaving:


Shaving is great for those who escape from prick pains and have relatively light or fine hair. This manual razor solution isn’t permanent and has a likelihood of getting the hair back soon. For most people, with a bit more hair growth; requires maintenance every 4-5 days.

  • Laser-Removal Products:


Laser and intense pulsed devices for removing hair are usually seen in pro hair removal clinics. The technology emits light energy that stuns the hair follicle and prevents the hair from coming back for at-least 3 months. Comparatively from other hair removal techniques discussed above, laser and intense pulsed light is largely painless but you can still expect a slight prickling or burning sensation during the process. And yes, it is expensive too! So grease your hands to splurge little more.

Final Words:

Though we have witnessed rapidly shifting technology advancements over time, but that doesn’t gauge their superiority. There is no single proven way yet that can be declared as the best hair removal heck. But through trial and error approach you can easily discover what suits your skin the best.

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