Whether you are a chain smoker or a once in a day smoker, quitting smoking maybe tough. These cravings tear you down. Delaying, yoga and nicotine replacements are some way to avoid those cravings. When you get an urge to consume cigarette it may be short lived, and it will possibly go away with time. Each time when you resist this craving you are one step closer to quit smoking. But, it can be difficult to resist those cravings. brings some tips to help you control cravings of smoking –

Here are some tips that you can follow to control smoking craving easily: –

  • Nicotine replacement therapy: – consult your doctor for this therapy. Doctor will prescribe you with nasal spray and nicotine inhaler as they are available with prescription only. Some types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) like gums, patches and lozenges over the counter. According to studies, you don’t need to quit NRT if you have a cigarette. There is no side effect of it so, you can easily have NRT. This NRT helps us in dealing with those cravings.
  • Avoid triggers: – usage of smoking will be strongest when you see someone smoking in bus, train or even if you watch that on TV. You can also get triggers even when you get smell of it. Identify those triggers and try to avoid them. For example: – if you smoke while talking on phone, take a pen and paper and start doodling, this will distract your mind. And, that trigger will be avoided.
  • Delay: – if you get craving of smoking tell yourself wait for 10 minutes and then try to engage yourself in some work.
  • Chew on: – if you get an urge to smoke just try nicotine chewing gums or candies or nicotine bars. These may help you alot.
  • Don’t have just one: – at times we usually say we will just have one for a day. Avoid “that one” also. If you have one then you end up eating more.
  • Physical exercises: – physical exercises can help you in distracting those cravings. 30 minutes of normal exercises like jogging, walking etc can help you in controlling the cravings. If you can’t go for a walk then you do some squats or push ups at home.
  • Practice relaxation techniques: – in your past smoking would be the technique for you to get out of stress. Quitting smoking is also a stress. Doing some relaxation techniques like yoga, hypnosis, massages and deep breathing exercises. It may help you in controlling stress.
  • Call for reinforcements: – take moral support from family, friends or support groups. Chat on phone, go for walk or share few laughs together.
  • Go online for support: – join an online stop smoking programmes. Read quitter’s blog. As they will help you alot.
  • Remind yourself of benefits: – if you get an urge to smoke sit and remind yourself the benefits of it. Like healthier life, spare your family from its effects and it also saves your money.

Live a healthy life by quitting smoking. Live healthy and happy.

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