Osteoporosis is disease in which decreased bone strength due to age or deficiency of calcium c or calcium d increases the risk of a broken bone.  Bones that commonly break are back bone, forearm and hip. There is no any typical symptom for this disease before any bone break.  According to studies, women are greater risk of having osteoporosis.  Bone loss increases after menopause,due to the lower levels of estrogen. Thus, women are at higher risk.

According to studies, osteoporosis show more burden in women’s health in following ways: –

  • One in every two women is prone to have osteoporosis related fracture. Whereas in men its one in every four men.
  • 75% of hip osteoporosis affect
  • 68% of 44 million people are at higher risk of osteoporosis.

There are multiple reasons why women are more prone to this disease than men, because: –

  • Women have thinner bones than men.
  • Estrogen, hormone which protects the bone decreases sharply when women have menopause, which may cause bone loss.

Older women are more prone to have osteoporosis. This disease may have its root from childhood or adolescence itself. This is the time when our bones build up. Women reach their peak bone mass at the age of 18, whereas men reach their peak bone mass at the age of 20.

Osteoporosis fractures happen where normal healthy person wouldn’t get like, ribs, hip, wrist and vertebral column.

There are no possible genetic or environmental factors of osteoporosis.  The changing levels of estrogen are the main guilty for it. It is a hormone that helps in regulating estrogen cycle in women. As well as, it plays an important role in keeping bones healthy and strong in both men and women.

Women lose bone as soon as after they start menopause. Women who are at increased osteoporosis are: –

  • Who experience irregular periods.
  • Began having periods after normal age.
  • Have their ovaries removed.
  • Undergoes menopause in early age. 

Teens:  what can they do now?

As, we discussed earlier it happens to older women. You don’t want that it should happen to you. Take some precautionary measures right now and you can keep away bone related diseases. Some steps you can take: –

  • Exercise
  • Don’t drink or smoke
  • Get enough calcium D and vitamins
  • Have a balanced diet

How can it be diagnosed?

  • Medical history of you and your family
  • Physical examination
  • Lab tests
  • X-ray
  • Bone mineral density testing

How can it be treated?

Bone loss is normal after certain age in both men and women. In the age of 75 both the genders absorb less calcium resulting in bone depletion. This disease is dangerous to both men and women in different ways. But, good lifestyle habits can help us in protecting your bones as well as it will decrease the chance of having osteoporosis. You are never old or young to care about yourself.  So, go and consult a doctor and take information about osteoporosis. 





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